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dodie - Guiltless (Official Video)

dodie - Guiltless (Official Video) #1
dodie - Guiltless (Official Video) #2 dodie - Guiltless (Official Video) #2 dodie - Guiltless (Official Video) #4

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Guiltless, the new single out now:
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A Penny4 Production - ​
Directed by:
Guy Larsen - ​
Produced by:
Cambria Bailey-Jones - ​
Executive Producers:
Sammy Paul - ​ dodie - ​
Associate Producer:
Ash Horne - ​
Director of Photography:
Ciaran O’Brien - ​
Production Designer:
Louis Grant - ​
Edited by:
Jack Howard - ​
Visual Effects by:
David Post - ​
Colourist: Ciaran O’Brien
First Assistant Director: Sammy Paul
Stunt Supervisor:
Joe Golby - ​
Camera Department:
1st Assistant Camera - Rafal Rakoczy - ​ 2nd Assistant Camera - Rachael Hutchings - ​

Lighting Department:
Gaffer - Marc Spicer - ​
Spark - Christine Alexander - ​
Runners: Alfie Newson Ivan Phillips Molly Williams
Special Thanks: Josh Edwards James Gowdy Hannah Snow Lottie Cutcher Ed Cutcher Robert Antoine

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