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VRChat: Random Encounter

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This is a small gift for some of the new friends I've made in VRChat through my long time buddy Sasshages, aka Sassh, aka CC! We were running around a map, chilling, when suddenly a random encounter start, this...this is what happened.

I use VRChat as a way to get better at dealing with my social anxiety, it's a steep mountain to climb, but I've already had over 200 hours in the game and I can feel it helping in small bits and places.

Small note to people who might be interested, I'll be doing a 24 hour stream on my birthday on the 24th, it'll be on twitch for anyone interested!

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Bird avatars by - Leyatres

Hean avatar by - TheKittenBomb

Kevin avatar by - Vonder

Outro music by - Neryl
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